Message from the desk of Honorable Secretary....

The School is Conceived not as a mere addition to the multitute of existing educational institution. Essentially it is intended to be a catalyst to offer child centered values based, technology-integrated, performing art-orinted and communicative to enable the children to discover themselves and enjoy the exciting childhood of learning and growing vision, mission and values of the school are outlined here after.

At micro level, the school envision excellence in education to empower the learner to have direct access to the common wealth of knowledge, develop skills and imbibe value for self development, social cohension, national integration, man nature dualism, man living technology interface and spritual foundation.

At macro level, the school embraces to be an eco school envision progressive transformation of the contemporary technological society to ensure socio-economic progress with peace, harmony at self identity and sustained development without ecological apprehension and civilization to bionic society and civilization.

Every child is born with a message for the society. Each child has everything within himself energy in his body, light in his eyes dream in his head enthusiasm in his heart. Education has to help him to be fire at and equally good and to be a winner not only in classroom examinations but also in life. It has to be always remembered that his name is "To-day" and not "Tomorrow"



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