Message from the desk of Chairman....

Education makes an individual complete by giving him a distinct identity. It removes the darkness of ignorance and awakens the innate light. An academic institution is the medium through which this inner light is awakened. It transcends all man made bounds and creates a universe that is consummate in itself. Once an individual steps inside such an institution he surpasses all materialistic limits and discovers truth. Education, thus is the light and institution - the mirror that reflects this light.

In the ancient days we had Gurukul system of education. This has given way to the modern 'BOARDING SCHOOLS'. These are highly significant as they arouse a feeling of unity and fraternity. The students stay together, study together, play together-dressed in similar attire. The feeling of oneness that comes from this gives rise to knowledge, knowledge awakens wisdom and wisdom opens the path to truth and peace.

Education is like a vast ocean, it is boundless. It opens up newer and hitherto undiscovered world to the learner. just like Gold undergoes a test of fire to bring forth its purity, the inherent wisdom is realized only through rigorous training in an academic institution. When one attains wisdom all actions, all words, all thoughts acquire purity. And an individual who achieves this is capable of encountering all obstacles in life.



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