It's a matter of ten years before at midnight of 14th November (dawn of 15th November) 2000 the birth of 28th state of India took place fulfilling thelong cherished aspirations of people of his hilly region. The Jharkhand movement dates back to 1767 when the Jharkhand's denizens launched protests against the entry of Britishers in this area. It was followed by Ti ka Manji agition in 1783, the Cheri Movement in 1795, the Kohl Agition in 1832. Original Jharkhand Movement was launched in 1855-56 under the Leadership of Sidhu-Kanhu, known as Santhal Vidroh. The First was of Independence in 1857, Birsa Bhagwan Agition in 1895 and Tana Bhagat Movement in 1914 had made a great impact on the people of this region. The demand for separate statehood was launched by Jaipal Singh, N.E. Horo in 1950 and the agitational programme launched by the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha from 1973 till 2nd August 2000, when the bill for creation of new state was passed in the Parliament of India.

We may recalled that originally Bihar was a part of Bengal. On April, 1912 Bihar and Orissa were carved out from Bengal and covered and area of 113000 square miles, with a population 3.5 crore. In April 1936 Orissa was bifurcated from Bihar. Till 14th of November 2000 Bihar consisted of 38 districts, out of which 18 districts of chotanagpur and Santhal Pargana region have now constituted a separate state known as Jharkhand. Now this state has 24 districts consisting 314 blocks and 32620 villages in total.


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